Listening to the Heart Meditation - Healing The Emotional Body


If we don’t take the time to listen to our bodies - stuck energy builds up and takes the form of tension, anger, shame, depression, discontent, and physical pain. All of this pain lives in our emotional bodies, the core of which is at the heart center. Pain, in any form - emotional or physical, is our body’s way of screaming at us to pay attention, to get quiet and to listen. It knows exactly what it needs to do to heal, but this requires your presence and your cooperation. The best way forward through emotional pain is paved with the light of your awareness, and a willingness to sit with what’s inside.

It can be incredibly scary to feel into what lies underneath, but when we do, we foster the unraveling of shame, we build resilience, develop self-compassion, and create pathways to breakthroughs.

I created a meditation that I absolutely love and use regularly, that’s designed specifically for you to:

✦  Gently release stuck and buried emotions
✦  Foster self-compassion and self-trust
✦  Create an ongoing pathway of communication
between you and your heart/emotional self 

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Meditation and visualization are great for deep listening and healing old wounds because you remain in control – you can always stop, breathe, take a break, and dive back in as desired.

If you don’t know already, the core of my work is to get comfy looking and being with all of our heavy shit – all of it. The impact of this work is HUGE and it starts with a daily practice that allows you to go deep. I love this meditation because I always wind up feel so much more emotionally clear, energized, and embodied in who I am. 

Try out this quick 15 minute meditation and let me know how you feel here.