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How to Deal With Anger: Controlling, Releasing, and Healing Rage

Anger can be useful when harnessed intentionally.It can be a signal that boundaries were crossed, and give you the fuel to stand up and take power back. What anger needs is an outlet, at times when you have the opportunity to relinquish control in a safe place. My best method for “controlling” anger is to develop a practice of letting loose often and in your own time and space. Here are my favorite ways to deal with anger….

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What Trauma Taught Me About Happiness

The thing about trauma, especially early trauma, is that it teaches you to be a fighter from day one. But the very feistiness that got me out of harm’s way, helped me move across the country, pick myself up from nothing, face every demon in the closet, start over a million times, and most importantly…survive, also kept me attached to suffering. It had me believing on some subconscious level that it could never be over…

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