Do you take insurance or do sliding scale?

Unfortunately, I cannot accept insurance at this time, as I do not practice psychotherapy, or offer medical services. My hope is that in the future, New York state and nationwide, we will recognize the important work of holistic health practitioners.  Until then, I offer up to 3 sliding scale ($45-$150) sessions per month to serve my community. It's really important to me that holistic health becomes more accessible to everyone who needs it.  

Sliding Scale Offerings are for you if:

  • You would not otherwise be able to afford holistic health sessions at regular price and are in financial distress

  • You are dedicated to your emotional-wellbeing and committed to making your emotional health a top priority at this time

  • You are not being provided adequate support through other means

Always reach out if you have any questions for me or want to chat first to find the best option for you! Get on the sliding scale list if you want to be notified once per month about sliding scale openings.

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How do I know this will work for me?

Finding a new practitioner can be really daunting. I’ve gone through so many practitioners in my life and I know the immense courage and vulnerability it takes to open up to person after person before finding someone who can really understand and not judge you. It’s hard to gauge what someone is like from a webpage.

That’s why I want to make sure we can chat first and you can tell me any concerns or questions that you have before you invest in your healing with me.

Book a free intro call with no strings attached and no awful sales pitch – just me, open and honored that you’re brave and dedicated enough to reach out and find what you need.

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What if I’m not in NY? Do you do virtual sessions from anywhere?

I see clients in my office in Woodstock, NY and virtually via zoom video chat. You can book a zoom video call from anywhere in the world that you have internet access. You do not have to have a zoom account to join a meeting.

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So, what do you do in a session? What modalities do you use?

Based on unique and individual needs, modalities I utilize include:

  • Peer Support & Supportive dialogue: I am trained as a peer specialist, meaning I offer support from a place of mutuality and compassion rather than hierarchical assessment and diagnosis. I am open about my personal experiences and we explore difficult emotional terrain together.

  • Spiritual guidance, Meditation, & Intuitive energy work: I offer guided visualization and meditation practices aimed at releasing stuck energy, shifting old patterning, inner child work, and aiding personal intuitive development. I work with the energy centers and teach spiritual protection practices and energetic boundaries.

  • Embodiment work and creative movement: I am certified in the Realization Process – embodiment, a modality focused on inhabiting the body and finding subtle consciousness through awareness and movement. I also lead creative movement exercises for catharsis and emotional exploration.

  • Herbalism: I am trained in intuitive herbalism, utilizing safe and effective herbal remedies for emotional healing.


How long will it take for me to see results?

The vast majority of clients have told me they have made immense strides after just a single session – feeling more alive, more joyful, more insightful, emotionally free, unhindered from old pain and making significant progress towards their goals. Some have even described getting more from a single session than they did in 2 years of traditional therapy.

I believe that traditional therapy doesn’t work for everyone because it often doesn’t include the body or the spirit. It often fails to acknowledge that we all need different strategies at different times and that when we are given choices and freedom of expression over assessment and trying to ‘fix’ what’s wrong, we thrive. 

Everyone is different, and my sessions are tailored to what people need in the moment. I constantly elicit feedback to make sure what we’re doing feels right for you and that we always work together to meet your needs. You know what’s right for you better than anyone else and I will always honor that.

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Ok I’m ready. How do I prepare for/make the most of my session?

Here's what I recommend:

Prior to the session:
Schedule some reflective time, review the intake questions or do some journaling about what you really hope to get out of the session. The more you can share about your specific needs and challenges, the better we will be able to use our time effectively.

During the session:

In Person: I will set up our meeting space to be the most supportive environment possible. Feel free to bring any tools or items that support your healing (e.g. a notebook, crystals, incense, oils, herbs, etc.)

Virtual: You will get a link in your inbox at least 48 hours prior to our session to access the video chat during our scheduled appointment time. You can join Zoom Meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. Make sure you have reliable access to internet and click the link at least 5 minutes prior to the appointment time. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won't be interrupted through the duration of our meeting, preferably somewhere with some space for movement, stretching, etc. Grab headphones with a microphone if needed.

After the session:

Plan to rest, eat and do leisure activities to allow for integration- no high stress activities if possible. Drink a lot of water. I will provide writing prompts, practices, and meditations to use after the session, if desired. Plan your week to fit these short practices into your weekly schedule in a way that feels supportive and not overwhelming.



What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Payment in full is due prior to the initial session unless payment plan is secured or agreed upon.

For 1 and 2 Hour Sessions: Client must notify me in writing (email or text acceptable) no less than [48] hours prior to the session, in order to reschedule the appointment or to receive a full refund. All appointments missed or not cancelled in this timeframe will be charged in full.

For 4 week Program: Client must notify me in writing (email or text acceptable) no less than [48] hours prior to the first session to receive a full refund of all fees.  If client notifies me in writing (email or text acceptable) following the first session in the Program but no less than 48 hours prior to the second session in the Program a partial refund of [$ 330] will be given. All appointments missed or not cancelled in this timeframe will be charged in full.

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