What would it feel like to finally heal your deepest emotional wounds?

To stop seeking that imaginary one thing, the magic answer that will make all the pain go away?

To trust yourself to handle any emotionally intensity that comes your way?


Deep Emotional Processing -
the act of releasing old emotional pain, honoring its messages, and uncovering new meaning.


Deep Emotional Processing:
A Practical Guide for Emotional Self-Healing

A self-paced mini-course designed to help you:

  • understand and express emotions authentically

  • shed new light on old emotional wounds

  • approach intensity with compassion

  • feel more in control of your emotions, sensations, moods, and life

  • build daily rituals for stability self-transformation

How Does It Work?



guide you through…..

Message to you

It’s time to ….

I know you…

but there’s a difference between ___ and _____

Whether you’re new to or you’re skilled this course will

I know Because I…

What’s Included:

27 Page Complete Guidebook

Editable PDF Workbook Pages

Audio Downloads For On The Go

2 Guided Meditations

+ 3 Bonus Materials

Deep emotional processing is designed to get you…

By the end of the course you’ll :

  • Get unstuck - break free from the emotion gremlins holding you back

  • No more confusion -Understand the deeper meaning your pain is trying to tell you

  • No more fighting with yourself - Trust yourself, your body, your emotions

  • Get Clarity - what you need emotionally and how to give it to yourself

Unresolved emotional trauma and Stuffing emotional pain has consequences:

poor health outcomes, disease, strain on work, friends, relationships, depression, anxiety, unrealized dreams and goals - which are costly, time consuming, and painful

Buy now and get the course free with a session…..


You are…



What’s underneath

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old pain, old trauma



Daily practices that



Who Should Take It

This course is not for you if:

  • You need a high level of individual or 1:1 support.

  • You do not feel safe experiencing intense emotions without one on one support.

  • You are looking to substitute or replace psychotherapeutic or medical advice




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