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Mental Health. Trauma Healing. Spiritual Mastery

I’m Jazmine.
Holistic Counselor, Certified Peer Specialist,
Trauma Survivor, Herbalist, Co-Founder of the mental health training institute: IDHA-NYC.

I help people navigate emotional and spiritual breakdowns so they can harness their natural intuitive capacity to heal and find greater meaning and purpose.



You Are Not Crazy. Breaking Is Healing.

Those of us who experience extreme ups and downs, deep depression, anxiety, heaviness, or other big feelings and overwhelming states, are often told we are “crazy”, “ill” or “broken”. I believe that none of these are symptoms of a disease, but rather important signs trying to guiding us to our greatest potential.  The reality is that most of us are survivors of adversity, sensitive spiritual beings, and people who are brave enough to feel pain rather than shutting down.

The truth is that healing requires our full participation, a deep personal revolution of body, mind, and soul.
If you feel like you are breaking, you are healing.
And you don’t have to do it alone.


My Story


I am a trauma survivor, mental health activist, certified peer counselor, spiritual and whole-health seeker. Right after getting my degree from NYU in Applied Psychology, I started working in the mental health system as a crisis counselor thinking I would change things from the inside. Instead, what I saw was a broken system and people who were struggling with very human problems like loss, isolation, and poverty. After quitting my job and going through a deep spiritual crisis, I started a mental health non-profit with amazing leaders in the field, trained with incredible spiritual leaders, and began working with people like you to support wellbeing on all levels.

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Find Brilliance Through The Breakdown


Transformative Counseling -

4 Week Program


A safe and supportive space for continued emotional healing, guidance, and integration.

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ACISTE Community Conversations: Spiritual Experiencers Share Integration Stories

“Hear how three spiritual experiencers who faced the challenge of being treated in the mental health system faced their integration to find joy, purpose, and passion in their personal life and work in the world.”


 The Generalist Podcast #3 : On Mental Health With Jazmine Russell

Listen to the Full Episode Below

"In This episode I sat down with Jazmine and learned of her battle with mental health, how being a survivor of incest changed her life, and how to best help others who have had similar traumas."

"After we finished recording we spoke about how culture affects mental health and Jazmine recommended this book to me. The book seems really interesting, I'm going to read it soon. I thought I would share it:  Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche

-Saul Ackerman, The Generalist

Jazmine is extremely accepting, open, and loving in her approach, which includes embodied movement, dialogue, herbalism, spiritual concepts, and community building. She has much respect for the wide range of cultural contexts in which people understand their experiences and brings harmony and understanding to group dynamics.
— Sera, T.