Jaz is a blessing—to the world, to all those she touches, and to me. She uses both her gifts and story as tools of guidance, bringing me toward my inner, deeper, and higher self. I’ve been on a quest for healing my entire life, but didn’t always know it. And while I’ve had fruitful experiences in many different forms of care—nothing has had quite the transformative impact that spiritual work has.

Jaz takes a situation where overwhelm and destress can so easily set in, and instead creates a safe and extraordinarily calm space to explore who I am. She is a guiding light on a challenging but beautiful path. I leave my time with her filled with gratitude for the support, calmness in my place on my journey, and hope for all that I am.
— Natalie D., Client

Jazmine is empowered and her work is empowering.
— Rebecca S., colleague
I’d been struggling with generalized anxiety, major depression, chronic pain, and serious self-judgment and doubt. The usual medication route wasn’t improving my life, and I didn’t have a spiritual practice to give me any kind of framework for working through things. Jazmine held my hand on a gentle walk past the doubt and judgment. I felt like she was exploring with me, not just observing from a distance and waiting for me to figure everything out on my own. Nothing felt like the wrong answer, and I felt that she understood even when I didn’t understand myself.

I walked away from my session with more tools for both dealing with difficult emotional states and for self-exploration, and I have more confidence that possibilities and even answers can be found in myself. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with Jazmine.
— Kayleigh Z., client

Jazmine listens to you, fully. She has a unique approach of carefully and gently guiding you through your own observations and reflections- making and holding space for many conclusions, contradictions, and do-overs. It is clear that Jazmine’s counseling is refined, precise, and well thought out. Her graceful nature and kind soul allow the conversation to flow through even the darkest of topics with total ease. Through her dialogue, Jazmine prompts deep introspection and will always end a conversation leaving me with a lot left to think about, but with a much more grounded understanding and a clearer sense of direction.
— Caity D., Client

Jazmine brings an unrivaled air of tranquillity to the sessions that she leads, creating an amazing atmosphere in which everyone is heard, valued and healed. In a world full of options and advice, it so rare and so valuable to have guided yet uninterrupted dialogue- whether verbal, physical movement or spiritual - that doesn’t spontaneously offer a set of fixes but lets you explore how to understand and therefore heal yourself
— Cat R., Workshop Participant

Jazmine applies her lived experiences as a survivor and “wounded healer” who has navigated extreme states to help others do the same. She is extremely accepting, open, and loving in her approach, which includes embodied movement, dialogue, herbalism, spiritual concepts, and community building. She has much respect for the wide range of cultural contexts in which people understand their experiences and brings harmony and understanding to group dynamics.
— Sara T., Workshop Participant

Jazmine is compassionate, gentle, validating, and an amazing listener. She guides people to a better understanding of themselves, their realities, and their histories in a safe environment. She empowers people to become their own guides in listening to themselves and taking control over the effects of trauma. She uses and shares her lived experience to relate, but also listens to each person’s unique experience.
— Stephanie H., Client