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Hey! I’m Jazmine,

integrative counselor, intuitive herbalist, co-founder of the institute for the development of human arts, teacher, speaker, and writer.

I'm dedicated to supporting people in deep personal transformation. In my practice, I use a myriad of methods including intentional peer support, compassionate dialogue, meditation, embodiment, herbal medicine, creative arts, and many more. What's most important to me is that each person feels held and supported as we work together to explore what is right for them: emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

My Story


Underneath it all, I believe that all difficult and painful experiences also hold deep wisdom. Having experienced extremes and mental/emotional crises in my life, I know that a major breakdown can also be a major breakthrough in disguise. In fact, much of my life has been a journey to discover the multitude of ways we are able to heal through even the most extreme circumstances.  I've been a complex trauma and sexual abuse survivor from the age of 3 years old,  experienced loss, isolation, extreme and altered states, suffered chronic gut and autoimmune issues, and intense emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. I've also developed a fierce determination to heal in all ways, found a deeper and fuller sense of self, processed trauma, had profound  spiritual transformations, developed an intimate connection with the natural world, healed myself through nutrition, herbal medicine, and holistic modalities, deepened my intuitive capacity, and found new meaning in all aspects of my life.

My Work

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I received my degree in Applied Psychology from NYU, worked as a crisis counselor and quickly found myself at odds with a dysfunctional mental health system. I soon realized that in our society, our system for ‘helping’ others is deeply flawed, filled with harmful power dynamics, pathologizing labels, risky and traumatizing 'treatment', and instilled shame around big emotions. Looking beyond the status quo as an avid whole-health seeker, I resumed my studies amongst incredible teachers, training in peer support, open dialogue, intuitive energy work, holistic health, herbalism, and whole-body healing. I also began supporting advocacy and grassroots initiatives by organizing with The Icarus Project NYC and facilitating workshops on mental health alternatives. Following my values, I became certified as a peer counselor, and worked with others suffering from extreme/ altered states, trauma, 'psychosis', and other forms of emotional distress from a place of mutuality, compassion, and understanding. 

In April of 2016,  I co-founded The Institute for the Development of Human Arts with a community of incredible leaders and clinicians in the field to lead, design, and facilitate mental health trainings that challenge the current paradigm within a supportive learning community. You can find more about my credentials and training, below. 

In my experience, working with many different clients from all walks of life, transformation is not only possible, but inevitable.
Let's walk together...



My Expertise...



  • B.S. in Applied Psychology from NYU Steinhardt
  • Co-Founder of the Institute for the Development of Human Arts with Dr. Peter Stastny, MD. – providing transformative opportunities for critical dialogue, mutual support, and advanced education for those in the mental health field.
  • NY Certified Peer Specialist – providing advanced, experience-based support and empowerment to those undergoing extreme states and distress.
  • Prior Home Based Crisis Counselor : providing support, resources, and advocacy to children and families undergoing emotional distress and mental health crises
  • Prior Peer Specialist- Parachute NYC: providing both one-on-one crisis support and network-based counseling, with the Open Dialogue Approach for acute distress and psychosis 
  • Learning Development & Training Strategist - Consultant for The Mental Health Association of New York , designing and writing core curriculum 
  • Prior organizer for grassroots community -The Icarus project NYC  and other organizations to provide resources and trainings to the public on mental/emotional wellness and alternatives.
  • Speaker and presenter  at The Ultra Laboratory - Morocco, Bluestockings NYC, Stanford, and NYU, among others.
  • Conducted trainings and workshops at East Village Access, Woodstock Healing Arts, The Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary, and more.


Trainings & Practice:



I Love...


Walking with people through their pain, wandering through the forest, making herbal medicine, cooking with friends, practicing circus arts, aerial silks, and creative movement, organizing community movements, encouraging mental health and social justice  advocacy, practicing daily meditation, wandering the world with my loving partner, practicing intuitive energy work, experiencing breakthroughs, full moon rituals, reading philosophy, asking questions that don't have 'right' answers, taking trains to new places, living in the Hudson Valley, making Reishi tea, storytelling, sitting in coffee shops, talking to trees, taking deep belly breaths, and reveling in small moments of realization and bliss.