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Psychiatric Advance Directives: How to Create Crisis Plans and Rally Your Community in Times of Need

  • Bluestockings Bookstore (map)

Join us at Bluestockings April 6th, 7pm for a presentation and discussion about your wellness plans


This month, Icarus organizer, Jazmine Russell, will be sharing tools and strategies for creating psychiatric advance directives, documents used to assert personal treatment preferences during times of crisis. Advance directives, aka “Mad Maps”, can be utilized to rally your supportive community and inform them of what crisis and healing look and feel like to you. Jazmine will discuss possible ways to organize advanced directives and to communicate your experiences, choices, and needs with your support systems.

Jazmine is a former mental health worker, survivor of childhood abuse and incest, and experiences altered states such as psychosis and catatonia. She will be sharing parts of her story, her own advance directive, and how she recovered in safe spaces outside the mental health system.

Other Icarus organizers will also share their experiences, artwork, and insights. Audience discussion and questions will follow the presentation.

This month NYC Icarus organizer Jazmine Russell will present tools the can enable you and your chosen community on April 6nd at 7pm at the Bluestockings Bookstore and Activist Center. A question and answer session will promptly follow.

All NYC Icarus events try to create a space for Mad Making - where community members can self-organize their own peer-support groups.

Facebook Event: NYC Icarus - Psychiatric Advanced Directives: How to Create Crisis Plans and Rally Your Community in Times of Need

Event Graphic by: Kevix

Hope to see you there!

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Icarus Project NYC

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