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Reality Talks Presented at Soirée 'Ftour pour la paix' sous le Thème 'Coexister ensemble'

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« Ftour of Peace »

Under the theme coexisting together

Saturday 26 July 2014

Place: Marrakech – restaurant la paix – Yougoslavie Street – ghéliz –marrakech

Soirée 'Ftour pour la paix' sous le Thème 'Coexister ensemble'

"Parmis les interventions autour du Thème "Coexister ensemble", nous avons l'honneur de recevoir à Marrakech pour la soirée du samedi 26 Juillet 2014 Jazmine Russell pour la présentation du Projet "Reality Talks"

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Jazmine Russell will present her project "Reality Talks," a series of portraits and interviews aimed at discussing how one perceives philosophic topics such as existence, reality, truth, objectivity, subjectivity, ambiguity, and how culture may play a role in the expression of these beliefs. The goal of "Reality Talks" is to share unique, identity-defining perspectives, which can help us to understand and value individual beliefs - the very things that can both divide and connect us. We cannot hate entire groups when we instead choose to cherish each individual life. Therefore, by sharing unique perspectives we can hope to find the very things that connect us all"


We all come from different backgrounds: we don’t have the same religion, we come from different countries, we don‘t have the same jobs, the same age or the same political views. However, we all agree that our diversity is a treasure that should be cherished. What we do have in common is the same desire: the hope that some day all nations will live in peace.

The Citizens of Marrakech aim to gather together around the theme of peace and the ending of violence against the civilian population of both Palestine and Israel.

Artist, writers, poets, musicians and filmmakers will be part of this cultural event, all gathered to speak up against violence and to promote peace between Israel and Palestine. Together, we will open up the discussion through activities such as readings, poetry, projections, music and testimonies.

The association Save Cinemas in Morocco, in partnership with many committed citizens, aims to bring a better understanding of the conflict to the citizens of Marrakech. Conflict, which unfortunately leads to creating animosities and tensions within our communities.

When faced with these human tragedies, which do not leave us insensitive in this general climate of the instrumentalisation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what are the alternatives for building and enhancing our commitment to work for peace and the coexistance of people?

All the communities that contribute to the multicultural influence of Marrakech will be invited to this event. The Rabbi Jacky Kadoch, the Priest Antoine Collot and Imam... will take part of evening and share with us their opinions over Peace building in the Near East.

We also invite all people craving peace and sharing the values of peaceful coexistence to join us for this moment of solidarity.


-19h30 Ftour of Peace
-21h cultural evening, dialogue of peace under the theme “coexisting together”.

Contact : Tarik Mounim Président Fondateur Save Cinemas In Morocco – 06 61 58 00 90–