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New Moon Dance + Ritual

Hosted by Dance With Plants & Open Events NY

Welcome in the next lunar cycle at our first New Moon Dance + Ritual with music by SVBTLE (Tola Brennan).

The new moon is a time of beginnings, a moment to release the past and whatever isn't serving us anymore. What better way to amplify our goals and aspirations than to experience a transition together?

6pm-8pm : Ritual with Jazmine Nicole and Potluck
We'll be socializing and setting intentions in a casual yet meaningful ritual of release and transformation. Bring something to eat or drink.

8pm-10pm : Melodic House and Techno set by SVBTLE
Move into spacious release and transformation with driving yet etheric music to manifest your intentions.

Find us at:

77 Cornell St, Kingston, NY 12401-3629, United States Suite 422.

Suggested donation of $5-10 (proceeds help us do bigger and better events in the future).