Truth as Simplicity - Reality as Complex

Mia is 14 years old and living in Casablanca. She likes theater, writing stories, and watching TV or films.


Excerpts From the Interview:


Jazmine: Tell me something that you believe to be true about reality and the world we live in, about existence.

Mia: It’s a bit complicated. Everything in life is subjective. My perception of the world depends on the place I am in, where I stand, or the people who surround me. But I do have a special view of humanity: I hate humans (laughter).

Jazmine: (laughter) why?

Mia: Because the earth is awesome and beautiful and it took 4 1/2 billion years to become this way. Humans have only been here for 200,000 years, and yet they have destroyed it all, the balance the earth used to have, which took 4 ½ billion years to create. And I think that life is very simple but humans have made it very complicated. Humans do things that are useless .

Jazmine: What do you think is the biggest flaw that humans have? 

Mia: Their ego.

Jazmine: What about their ego?

Mia: I don’t know what to say about it. Everything has to be around their ego.

Jazmine: Then do you think there’s some kind of solution? Something we could do better?  

Mia: There are no solutions. No matter what we do, the Earth will never be as it was before.  So to me, there is no solution. One day it will be the end of the Earth and then something new will begin.

Jazmine: Do you do anything personally to try to help fix the earth or assist our relationship with the earth?

Mia: I am just one small person. I am no one who can really do something to help.


Jazmine: In your own life, do you feel free to do whatever you like or do you feel limited in your choices?

Mia: I feel pretty much free but a bit limited by my environment. We cannot do everything that we want to do where we want to do it.

Jazmine: What is something that you had wanted to do but felt like you couldn’t?

Mia: There are a lot of things I would want to do here in the city, but I can’t.

Jazmine: Why?

Mia: Well, I would want to ride a hose to school or something but I think the city is very polluted. I don’t like Casablanca.

Jazmine: Is that because Casablanca doesn’t have as much nature or you don’t feel very connected to the earth?

Mia: Yes


"To me normally life should be three things: surviving, eating, and reproducing. Like animals. But humans have turned it into something different. Not necessarily bad, but different."


Jazmine: Do you find yourself ever getting caught up in certain complexities or do you try to live life very simply?

Mia: I feel caught up sometimes.

Jazmine: In what way?

Mia: Everything is complicated. Unless you go isolate yourself on a mountain, life cannot really be simple because you do one thing and then it leads you to another, etc.

Jazmine: Do you think life is more complicated because of the people around you? Is it people that make life more complicated?

Mia: No, just life is complicated, not people.

Jazmine: What do you think is a way we could live more simply?

Mia: I don’t know. Complicated is not bad, it’s just complicated.

Jazmine: Do you ever feel like things get too complicated and you don’t know which decision to make, or do you ever feel like life holds a lot of ambiguity?

Mia: Yes, sometimes there is some ambiguities, but not always. It’s not always like this.


"[In movies and books] there’s never a bad ending, there are always good people and nasty people. It’s always like this. The stories are different but the characters are always similar. The stories show a good example. But life is different. [In life} there’s not always a good or happy ending. There are sometimes bad endings. But that’s just how it is."


Jazmine: How do you think your culture has affected your beliefs on these topics?

Mia: It’s not my direct environment that influences me, it’s myself. There is the movies I watch and books, and everything that’s around me that modifies my possibilities and enlarges my imagination.

Jazmine: What kind of stories do you like to write?

Mia: Fantasy stories, with magic. Because I like to imagine another world and a different environment.

Jazmine: What do you like about writing stories?

Mia: It’s as if I can see myself in the main character and make up all the adventures I would want to live. Though, not necessarily happy stories.

Jazmine: Do you think there’s a theme in the stories you write?

Mia: It’s never a basic daily life, it’s always out of the ordinary. Sometimes there are some stories that are closer to reality, but special things happen anyways, otherwise the story would be boring.

Jazmine: What do you want to do when you get older? What is your biggest dream?

Mia: I want to be a journalist…do you mean my dream in real life or elsewhere? (laughter) I don’t want to have a boring life. I want to always have adventures. I don’t want to stay in the same place, I want to discover different countries, different cultures, different people.


"Sometimes I can perceive all the good vibes and happiness around me, and sometimes I can perceive all of the sadness and dark side of life. Sometimes I have feelings I can’t touch or explain, like visions."