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1 Session

Focused guidance on what's challenging you right now.

In Person | $155
Virtual     | $120

*I lovingly offer 2 spots per month for those with limited budgets and resources. If this is you, please contact me to discuss options.


6 Sessions

Personalized path to getting the support you need. Weeks of in-depth emotional support, exploration, and transformation.

What's Included:

◍ 6 sessions of dynamic and collaborative support
◍ 1 session weekly or bi-weekly for consistent, reliable care
◍ 1 custom herbal medicine blend (a $90 value)
◍ Major discounts on future events and herbal
items (up to 30% off)

In Person | $777 or 3 payments of $259
Virtual     | $660 or 3 payments of $220

*Pay in full and receive 10% off the total!
Use Code: 10%OFF

*I lovingly offer 2 spots per month for those with limited budgets and resources. If this is you, please contact me to discuss options.


6 Month Immersion

The complete program for those committed to doing what it takes to make massive changes in a safe and supportive space.

What's Included:

◍ 6 months of dynamic support
◍ 1 session per week for consistent, reliable care
◍ 24 sessions total for deep integrative work
◍ 3 Custom Herbal Medicine Blends tailored to
your specific needs (a $270 value)
◍ Major discounts on future events and herbal
items (up to 50% off)
◍ Custom guided meditations for at-home care
◍ Guided daily practices for ongoing transformation

In Person | $3000 or 6 payments of $500
Virtual     | $2400 or 6 payments of $400

*Pay in full and receive 10% off the total!
Use Code: 10%OFF

*I lovingly offer 2 spots per month for those with limited budgets and resources. If this is you, please contact me to discuss options.


Don't know which option is right for you?


What's a Session Like?


Deep Processing:

Using a combination of peer support, compassionate dialogue, and re-patterning practices, we will dive in and process big feelings and experiences. We work through fears, desires, grief, forgiveness, anxiety, depression, old habits, beliefs, trauma, extremes, difficult life events, and all the challenges you are facing right now. We shift old stories and shed light on the parts of you that are waiting to be seen, heard, validated, and accepted. We reduce shame and aid forgiveness so you have a deeper understanding and awareness of how to move through big emotions with more ease.


If you’ve ever been to therapy before, you know that sometimes talking about it is not enough. There are deeper layers in the physical and spiritual body that must be worked through in order to access DEEP and LASTING change. By using embodiment practices, meditation, visualization, and somatic techniques, we will increase your intuitive development, your capacity to move through emotional pain, and your ability to heal from trauma.


Each session is tailored to you and your needs.  Everyone has different ways of processing and there is no single answer or method. You may prefer talking more, moving more, or enjoy trying different things. I believe it's best to diversify healing tools (rather than being dogmatic about them) and integrate them intentionally into daily life.

Together, we'll find what resonates and works for you.


Special Interests: 

  • Reconceptualizing experiences often labeled as "psychosis" - having experiences such as hearing voices, seeing visions, sensing, or heightened intuition
  • Working with those seeking alternatives to the biomedical model and diagnosis
  • Individuals with interests in deep spiritual work and exploring the intersection between mental health and spirituality
  • Working with people who have histories of trauma and sexual abuse
  • Compassionate peer-to-peer dialogue
  • Integrating herbal and holistic modalities into daily life practices

“Jazmine is empowered and her work is empowering. ”




What Can You Help Me With?

  • Emotional or spiritual crises & major life transitions
  • Grief & loss
  • Feeling worthless, unlovable, inadequate, not enough or misunderstood
  • Wrestling with blocked, buried, and bottled up emotions that want to come out
  • Trauma of all kinds: surviving emotional, sexual, physical abuse
  • Managing depression, anxiety, extreme emotions, ups and downs, and emotional spirals
  • Struggling to feel fully, afraid of making people uncomfortable or upset
  • Expressing and communicating emotions more effectively
  • Developing intuitive capacity and spiritual gifts
  • Navigating extreme states, voice hearing, and other 'unusual' experiences
  • Feeling stuck, confused, indecisive, and unmotivated
  • Dissociation, somatic issues,  inhabiting the body
  • Increasing internal peace, happiness, satisfaction, and joy
  • Setting personal boundaries and staying strong in your choices
  • Discovering more truth and authenticity
  • Finding new purpose and meaning
  • Finding the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Feeling safe and supported


What Makes Your Approach Unique?

  • I meet you exactly where you are in your individual process
  • I’m your peer, ally, guide and co-conspirator. My goal is to see you fully, understand where you're coming from, and support you in navigating where you want to be
  • I do not diagnose, assess, or pathologize. No one is crazy. Even the most extreme experiences make sense when we consider the suffering that occurs when we are forced to adapt to extreme circumstances.
  • I am well aware of the impact of personal and collective trauma. My work is informed by an understanding that personal and societal context very often creates emotional distress that impacts the body, mind, and spirit
  • I know that there’s no one who knows you better than you do - I honor the language you use to describe your experiences and your right to write your own story
  • I focus on making BIG changes by getting at the roots of the problems
  • I've crafted these sessions to be as dynamic and multi-faceted as you are. I don’t teach one single method or process. I use a varied skillset of holistic tools for holistic transformation.
  •  I offer real, practical strategies that you can take home with you for ongoing support
  • I set a strong, safe container for you to be and feel whatever you are in this moment

If you feel deep inside your gut that you're ready for this, don't hesitate to reach out.


My Values: 



+ Mutual Trust and Responsibility

I believe that any healing relationship begins with trust, understanding, and compassion. Healing is not about imparting advice or providing set methods and answers. Rather, it is something that occurs within the context of mutual relationship. Together, we co-create safe places that allow for reciprocity and shared responsibility for growth and transformation

+ Accessibility

We live in a world where it is not easy to find, receive, or afford quality support and care. It’s important to me that I offer my services to those who feel really drawn to this work, regardless of financial situation. Although I do not accept insurance plans, I do accept payment plans and requests for sliding-scale sessions.

+ Growing Together

I am here as a peer, an ally, and co-collaborator in this journey. I am constantly diving into my own personal healing and always going deeper. I believe there is always more to learn and part of my joy of working with others is getting to learn right alongside them.

+ Creativity

The healing process is a creative one; it is almost never linear. Sometimes we uncover a lot and sometimes we circle back to the same lessons. It’s all growth and, whenever possible, I try to bring some lightness, joy, and creativity to the work.

+ Whole-Health

We are whole human beings. It has never made sense to me to break us down into parts rather than seeing the interrelationship between all aspects of the self. I believe that true medicine is a re-integration process. The more we deepen our relationship to all dimensions of ourselves, the more we can embody our fullness.

+ Self & Collective Liberation

To me, the most important aspect of healing is having the freedom to take the lead and determine what feels right for you. I believe that we all have an innate knowing of what we need to heal and, with support, the courage to make it happen. Once we begin to confront our pain, heal old wounds, and develop self-love, self-trust, and self-healing, we start to chip away at an old paradigm that tries to convince us we are ill or broken. It’s in this way that our own healing becomes collective and has the power to inspire others, shift cultural stories, and liberate us from an unhealthy society.

+ Multiplicity

We all have different ways of understanding and expressing what’s happened to us. Each situation is complex and multifaceted, as are we. I believe that an integral part of freeing ourselves is having the right to write our own stories. I honor each perspective and worldview, especially when it’s different from my own.

+ Shifting Power

Therapeutic/helping relationships have so often been deeply entrenched in harmful power-dynamics. I offer the space for these to be openly communicated about. I understand that many traumas stem from social, political, and institutional oppression, and that often, healing involves unraveling the internalization of systematic abuse.

+ Thriving

Whole-healing is about thriving, not just surviving. Rather than just targeting “problems”, I focus on how to support your goals, dreams, and visions. I help you push the envelope on what’s possible. Transformation is more than just “getting better” or “recovering”, it’s about feeling more joy, more peace, and more like you than ever before.



 Payment is due at time of appointment. No refunds are accepted. To cancel appointments, please call, email, or text at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. All appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full. Sliding scale rates and payment plans are offered on an individual basis. Please do not hesitate to contact me and inquire. 

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