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Build Bridges from Breakdown to Breakthrough


A Personal Revolution Disguised As Crisis

Crisis can take form in many different ways: major life transitions, feeling worthless or unlovable, dealing with grief and loss, struggling to manage depression, anxiety, or extreme ups and downs, wrestling with blocked and buried emotions. Sometimes we may even blame ourselves or ask “what’s wrong with me?”

But we are not broken or defective. We are as capable of renewal as the Earth is of transforming waste into new life. 

Emotional crises indicate a deep need to find different approaches and different perspectives. We can’t keep going around the problem or pushing against it. As the permaculture principle goes:

The problem IS the solution

 In fact, what we consider a problem may actually be the greatest gift, pointing us towards a better future. 

Instead of looking for quick answers that often create more problems, we must deepen our awareness and work with our internal resources. I believe we each have an incredibly resilient internal landscape and we need healing tools that are as dynamic as we are.  Everyone has different ways of processing and accessing emotions, and there is no single answer or method. I believe it's best to diversify healing tools and integrate them intentionally into  daily life, so we can find what resonates and works for you.

Together, we can transmute wind into wood:


✓  feel safe and supported as you find new meaning and understanding
✓  develop forgiveness and compassion for yourself
✓  set stronger boundaries
✓  process pain and trauma
✓  express your emotions to others without fear
✓  find freedom and strength in who you are


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The Generalist Podcast #3 : On Mental Health With Jazmine Russell

Listen to the Full Episode Below

"In This episode I sat down with Jazmine and learned of her battle with mental health, how being a survivor of incest changed her life, and how to best help others who have had similar traumas."

"After we finished recording we spoke about how culture affects mental health and Jazmine recommended this book to me. The book seems really interesting, I'm going to read it soon.I thought I would share it:  Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche

-Saul Ackerman, The Generalist

Jazmine is extremely accepting, open, and loving in her approach, which includes embodied movement, dialogue, herbalism, spiritual concepts, and community building. She has much respect for the wide range of cultural contexts in which people understand their experiences and brings harmony and understanding to group dynamics.
— Sera, T.